Privacy & Policy

Collection and personal data will be resorted to only to the extent that it may be necessary for the technical and commercial operation of its activities.

Users shall be informed of any such collection and shall also be informed of the specific purpose for which it is being collected not later than the moment of collection.

The personal data collected shall be used fairly and lawfully for the specified purpose and only for these purpose.

User shall be given access to their personal data.

Lunartech it will ensure that users personal data shall be kept secure using both technical and organizational measures.

Lunartech It will not pass on users personal data to anybody unless a user specifically consents that it can so communicate his or her information

Lunartech It will only stores user personal data for the length of time required for the purpose for which it is collected.

Lunartech it may track users visits to the website to better understand what appeals most users and improve the service. To this end cookies may be installed on users computers or such other devices as is used to access the website.

Lunartech It will ensure that users shall be able to view the personal data held by lunartech It on the particular user.

Lunartech It only disclose personal data if it is bounded to do so by law or if it has been expressly authorized to do so by the user concerned.

Lunartech It shall not sell personal data to third party parries unless it has obtained the users consent thereto.

Lunartech It store Personal data for such duration as may be necessary to comply with legal requirements.

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